Peak Mobile Physio will help you prepare for planned surgery by offering pre-operative rehabilitation or “prehabilitation” services. The goal of prehabilitation is to maximize functional capacity prior to surgery to speed up recovery and potentially decrease complications post-operatively.  Depending on the surgery planned, your therapist will prescribe a series of exercises designed to increased your strength and endurance.  The therapist will demonstrate all exercises and monitor your progress before you go in for surgery. Specific equipment may also be suggested to ensure a smooth transition home after surgery.

Post-Op Rehabilitation

Post-operative rehabilitation services are available for those recovering from orthopedic surgery. Based on the recommendations of your surgeon, your therapist will develop a comprehensive treatment plan to assist you in the various phases of your recovery. Immediately after surgery, pain management is one of the most important considerations to allow the person to begin moving the affected part as early as possible.  Early range of motion is often encouraged to reduce swelling, prevent stiffness, and facilitate recovery of function.  When medically appropriate, your therapist will recommend a progressive strengthening program to maximize your recovery and prevent the recurrence of injury.

Peak Mobile Physio can help with recovery from a variety of surgeries. Some examples include:

  • Total hip replacements
  • Total knee replacements
  • Wrist surgeries
  • ACL reconstructions
  • MCL repairs
  • Meniscal Repairs
  • Achilles tendon repairs
  • Fracture repairs
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Rotator cuff repairs
  • Spinal surgeries